top ten tuesdsay

with thanksgiving upon us this thursday, this week's list is about thankfulness.

top 10 things i am thankful for (in no particular order):

1. my hard-working, loving and patient husband.  and my 3 wonderful children.

2. being able to stay home and manage all aspects of running a household.
[what a privilege it is to be home when the kids come home from school, and not have to rush from daycare to home in order to make dinner and get homework done before bedtime (we've experienced that before and it's VERY stressful on both parents and kids).  it is an honor to be a full-time home manager (or home engineer or whatever you want to call it), and not have to split my energy in two (or more) different jobs (i've experienced that too, and, again, VERY stressful and VERY draining).]

3.  our community and the meaningful relationships we have developed with the people in the area since our move here 5 years ago.

4. God's mercy, neverending love, and faithfulness.

5. Jesus and his sacrifice.

6. my husband's job and health benefits (even though i gripe about it sometimes).

7. the home that God provided for us so that we may use it to show hospitality to others.

8. the opportunities provided for us to share what we have with others.

9. God's word to guide, correct, and teach us and our children.

10. my extended family and my church family.

wishing you a warm and fulfilling thanksgiving holiday.

what are you thankful for this week?


Robert Stockham said...

And we are all thankful to have met such a great family as yours!

Melissa said...

We are blessed and thankful that your family is a part of our lives.

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