independence day weekend

since 4th of july fell on a sunday this year, it was a treat to have aaron around all day (and night) for 3 days.  it was a much needed family-togetherness and husband and wife time.  especially since he will be busy working through saturday, with a show later that evening.

though we were out and about saturday and sunday, we focused on just trying to keep things low-key and maintain a "go with the flow" mentality (kind of like or vacation mind-set).

we stopped by west side market saturday morning to pick up lunch meat from our usual stand.  saturdays (especially a saturday before a holiday) can get really jammed with people at the market.  unless you embrace that fact and go with it, you will be stressed and annoyed beyond belief (trust me, i know from experience).  after discovering the mile long line at the crepe stand, we picked up some lunch items at a different stand, and headed across the street to the open air in market square outdoor market.  it was great to spend some leisurely time eating, listening to some live music, and allowing the kids to explore.

 since everyone (and by everyone i mostly mean the kids) was still in a pleasant mood after lunch, we decided last minute to stop by the veterans memorial bridge to tour the no longer used streetcar/trolley level.  the last time we visited this bridge was for the bridge project.  this time around, we got to see the bridge bare and quiet...without the all the art and the music and the noise.  it was an interesting contrast.  though there were a scattering of people here and there, it was a quiter experience for the senses this time around.

breakfast for dinner, a nice evening stroll around the hood and some chill time with my husband finished off saturday quite nicely.

for 4th of july, we had the pleasure of attending 2 independence day celebrations.  the first was just up the street at our neighbor's house.  it was one of those bbq parties where it seemed all the neighbors on the street were invited.  i really think those kinds of parties are a rare thing to have now-a-days.  i loved being able to meet other people that live on our street.  what a great opportunity to build a sense of community.  it was a great gathering: plenty of food, drinks, and activities to keep kids and adults busy.  we had a great time there...thanks to our neighbors for their hospitality!

next stop was at the home of mr. and mrs. 52 weeks of cleveland where there was more delicious grilled goodness (still thinking about that grill catching on fire...errr, i mean...tasty, sweet keilbasa).  we were pushing the kids to their limit at this point and they did us proud.  they were the only kids there, but it didn't seem to phase them.  emma hit it off with ms. heidi sue jones while gibson found entertainment in transporting ice cubes from one tub to another.  thanks for your kind hospitality!  we had a great time hanging out.

after tucking the kids in bed, A and i spent the evening on the front porch and saw a little of the fireworks show.

today was spent staying in.  the kids spent most of the day in the kiddie pool splashing around (so glad we got one!).  they even went back in after dinner.  it was perfect for a lazy, hot summer day.

back to the grind tomorrow.  but the 3-day weekend was cherished, savored and enjoyed to the very last bit.


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