top ten tuesday

i love to travel (although i don't get to do much of that anymore).  i love escaping to a different country (or even a different state) and just experiencing the new environment, culture and people.  i think it would be fun to work for that globetrotters show on pbs.  you would get paid to travel to new places.  how cool would that be? 

so, this would be my top ten vacation places (in no particular order):

1. sydney and melbourne australia. [i've been there once when i was quite young...9 years old, i think.  i would love to go back, visit family and re-visit some of the places we went to.]

2. greece. [ancient greek structures like the acropolis, seeing some of the places where the apostle paul preach, yummy greek food, the mediterranean beaches...so much to see and do, i'm sure.]

3. st. petersburg and moscow russia. [you might be thinking why?  well, why not?  i've never been there, and i would love, love, love to see the st. petersburg ballet and the bolshoi ballet live.  the two cities are not close, but i suppose i won't be popping over to russia on a regular basis, so if i was going to go there i think i'd want to do both cities.]

photo source.

 4. scotland. [this one is mostly for my husband.  i think it's always fun to visit the places where your ancestors came from, and i'm sure aaron can wear his kilt the whole time.]

5. poland. [this is another place where we can learn more about aaron's heritage.  i also think it would be fun to visit my great aunt and uncle.  we correspond by snail mail, but haven't seen each other in many, many, many years.]

6. israel. [what an amazing journey this would be.  i have only been there once, 10 years ago, and what an opportunity it would be to return *with* the whole family.  there is so much we can learn and experience there.]

7. thailand. [with as much as i like thai food, it would only make sense for me go and visit thailand.]

8. peru. [i've never been to the south american continent, and i think a visit to peru to admire the andes mountains (and much more of course) would be a great start.]

9. egypt or south africa. [africa is another continent i've never been on, so i think it really doesn't matter which country i go to.  i thought of egypt primarily because of the pyramids, and south africa because of its history and location...the southern most tip of the continent.]

10. india. [delicious food, bhangra dancing, the taj mahal...plenty for the sense to experience.]

what are some places you would like to visit and why?


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