top ten tuesday

top ten reasons why today is going to be an awesome day:

10. i didn't wake up feeling DEAD tired for the first time in 2 weeks.  [i'm not naturally a morning person so i still felt tired when i woke up today, but it wasn't to the point where i was falling asleep mid-sentence.]

9. gibson slept in until almost 7:30 a.m. as opposed to his usual 6-6:30 wake up call. [oh heaven! let's keep this trend going, shall we?]

8. open windows, central air is off and sunshine.

7. i have energy to work on some unfinished projects thanks to not feeling DEAD tired.

6. working on unfinished projects includes a trip to joann's fabrics. [that place for me is like the record shop for aaron.]

5. one day closer to being reunited with an awesome lady who i haven't seen in over a year.

4. it means tomorrow is wednesday and we get a whole day with dad since he took the day off.

3. going to see old 97s tonight at the beachland with my main man.

2. getting gussied up and going out with no children. [kids, you know i love you, but i REALLY enjoy spending alone time with your dad too.]

1. date night with my husband = love, love, love!


Maia LeDoux said...

you guys are so damn cute. we miss you!!!

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