saddle ridge ranch

our church just finished up VBS (vacation bible school) yesterday, and like last year, emma was filled to the brim with excitement.  she just loves being able to feel like a "big girl" by going to school on her own without mommy and daddy.  and the best part is seeing her excitement to learn, especially learning about jesus. 

this year the kids were taken to saddle ridge ranch...yeehaw! on the last day, emma made sure to wear her cowgirl hat and bandanna (thanks to daddy for lending out the items).

we had a great turn-out, given the smaller size of our church, and a vast age range from 2-9 years old.  it was just too cute to watch them sing and dance (especially those little ones!), and my little girl didn't seem so little anymore.

thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone that volunteered.  i greatly appreciate the time, effort and committment you have given the kids these past 3 days.  it looked like they had a wonderful time!


The Wandering Daughter said...

Wow, Emma keeps looking more and more grown up every time I see her!

Tabitha Blue said...

Wow, she is getting so big!! What a sweet girl. I'm so grateful for churches that are doing wonderful things!



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