birthday BYOM barbeque

yesterday we had our first BYOM (bring your own meat) bbq for the summer. we also combined it with emma's 2nd birthday celebration. though she wasn't quite sure what was going on, she did know that she was supposed to get a piece of birthday cake. today she started singing "happy birthday, emma" over and over as i brought her downstairs for breakfast...so i think she's starting to get the whole birthday idea. i'm certain by birthday number 3 she'll have it all down...including the birthday tune. here are a few photos from the bbq and one of her utilizing some of her birthday gifts.

thanks to everyone who came and for your generous gifts.


Michelle Vinje said...

Oh Emma looks so cute! And she looks so much older than the last time I saw her! Too bad I couldn't be there for her birthday bash!! Tell her "happy birthday"!

The Mrs. said...

Yay! She liked her present!!! She is too cute Prasti, I love the pic of you and her!

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