farm fresh produce

with both kids' birthdays, graduation, father's day and tyler leaving, i had forgotten to post about our thursday produce. i went a little earlier this time, and did find better looking choices. like last week, we received a pint of beautiful strawberries and 1 bunch of green onions. other items included a bag of mixed lettuce, a bag of mixed greens, 1 bunch green garlic, broccoli, oregano leaves, cilantro and lemon balm leaves. i decided to dry the oregano since i wasn't sure when i would be able to use it. i have been researching the possible uses of lemon balm, and i'm considering drying some to use in tea with the dried hibiscus leaves astrid gave me. i'm also curious if it would be good crushed/blended with vanilla ice cream then topped with fresh strawberries? or perhaps blending it with some sort of mint sorbet? anyone have any suggestions?

we've decided not to pick up for this coming thursday, because we have not been able to use up all the produce from the past 2 weeks. i like using city fresh, because they offer the flexibility of only pre-paying 1 week in advance or paying in advance for the whole 20 weeks.


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