what's for dinner tonight?

i tried this recipe for dinner tonight, mostly because i needed to use up some of my greens. like the title states, it is truly "easy peasy." even after pan-frying some cubed chicken breast, the whole meal from start to finish took about 20 minutes. there's very minimal prep work, and it's as easy as making macaroni and cheese out of a box (though certainly a much healthier option). i really appreciated the flexibility of this recipe, in that you're not bound to using the exact ingredients listed, or exact amounts of each item for that matter. granted, since it is a curry dish, it is necessary to use curry powder. however, everything else is truly open for substitutes. i used slivered almonds instead of cashews so that it's easier for emma to chew. i did not add any celery (since i didn't have any on hand), and used broccoli (which i sauteed with the chicken) instead of the peas. i highly recommend adding raisins in this dish. the sweetness of the raisins complement the curry flavor nicely and provides a nice balance. the dish made 3 8 oz. servings, and i served the curried chicken over a bed of greens and a flour tortilla (just like megan's photo).


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