birthday girl

yesterday emma turned 2, and i am so amazed at how time flies. even at 2 years old, she has grown and changed so much since she was 1. what's certainly different this year than last year is her language and her ability to remember things. she has had a tremendous burst of language and she remembers things that i didn't think she was even paying attention to. it was bittersweet to celebrate her birthday, because part of me doesn't want her to get older and the other part of me is excited to see what she can accomplish in the future. i think that bittersweet feeling will always be, for me, the case for every birthday.

the three of us got emma some gardening tools, a bucket, watering can, sidewalk chalk and stickers. she took off almost all of her stickers and started sticking them on her stomach (maybe imitating aaron's tattoos?). then we walked down to malley's for a special birthday ice cream treat, which she absolutely enjoyed. after her nap, we visited the christmas story house. the leg lamp is always a sight to see from the front window. we then bummed around coventry, a little neighborhood in cleveland heights. i love that little area, and of course you can't go there without stopping at big fun toy store. we then headed over to little italy for dinner. though, a small neighborhood, i also love going to little italy. they have a number of great restaurants there and a couple of unique shops and galleries. we ate at primo vino where emma got yet another ice cream cake courtesy of the restaurant. although she enjoyed her dinner, i think she enjoyed the ice cream cake a whole lot more. before heading to bed, she insisted on some "gardening" time and watered the lillies, yet again, with her watering can.

it was a very full day for the little birthday girl, but she seemed to enjoy the outings (and the ice cream!). and now i must be off...to prepare for and to celebratetyler's birthday.


Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Emma! I hope you had a wonderful birthday!

Auntie Michelle

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