bacon salt

the first time i heard of bacon salt was about 3 years ago through not martha.

bacon salt originated from our old stomping grounds of seattle, wa.  and of course, they decided to come out with this wonderful idea *after* we moved away.  unless you lived in the area, the only way bacon salt would be made available to you was by placing an order through the internet. 

bacon salt is great, because even non-bacon (or meat) eaters can enjoy the intoxicating flavor of bacon since the ingredients are kosher and vegan.  now, if you do eat bacon, it doesn't exactly taste like a piece of bacon, but it's pretty close.  and it truly tastes great on everything: potatoes, eggs, asparagus, brocolli, pasta (yes...i even tried it on pasta).

and so, given our dwindling supply of bacon salt and not wanting to order anymore because we don't want to pay for shipping, you can imagine how delighted i was to find this product at the local supermarket the other day.

my heart skipped a beat, and i quickly snatched one up from the shelf!  and now i'm off to find something edible to go with my bacon salt.  better yet.  i'll take the no calorie approach and just sprinkle some on my hand and lick it off.


legendswife said...

hehe... Whoever made that is truly a bacon fanatic:) I saw a picture of a new diet coke (bacon flavored) and I cracked up.

Melissa said...

Mmmmmm bacon. I can totally see you licking it off your hand too. ;O)

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