top ten tuesday

got a mound of dirty laundry waiting to be washed?  or how about stacks of dirty dishes in your sink?  or maybe you've got a massive test you have to study for?  a big project due?  well what better way to get it done than procrastinate!

top 10 ways to procrastinate (you know...prolong, delay, put off the inevitable):

    1. facebook stalk. [it's imperative that i'm up to date on everyone's statuses and comment on every single photo i come across.]
    2. take up a sudden interest in crosswords, word search or sudoku. [that big book of sudoku puzzles collecting dust in the corner has suddenly become the prime focus of your day.]
    3. research "pertinent" information regarding all your pending tasks on the internet. [i need to look up all the eco-friendly tips on laundering my clothes.  way to rationalize internet surfing.]
    4. play video games. [we actually don't own a game system at home, but if we did i know what i would be doing.  and there are many ways to rationalize this particular choice, especially if we owned the wii fit.]
    5. read a good book. [it's not really procrastinating when you're reading something, right?  after all, we encourage our kids to read...]
    6. re-organize all the cook books and miscellaneous recipes. [alphabetizing the recipes takes importance over having clean clothes for the whole family.]
    7. organize all your photos uploaded on the computer. [again, this takes importance over having clean clothes for the whole family.]
    8. purge and re-organize the kids' clothes, books and toys.  [still being productive here, right?]
    9. escape to the bathroom. [this is ty's favorite stall tactic when he has to do his homework.  you can't stop a guy from doing his business in the bathroom...nevermind that he's in there for 15-20 minutes.]
    10. snack time. [this is ty's stall tactic number 2, which he deploys shortly after emerging from the bathroom.]

    what about your favorite stall tactics?


    ConnieK said...

    I am a blog stalker.... hence I am here instead of coming up with some awesome crafty project for the kids to do or doing the laundry or cleaning the kitchen!! Then I find something that I want to blog about and that eats up more time... it is a vicious cycle my friend! =)

    Melissa said...

    Love it! I have actually been doing the computer picture organization (and procrastinating more important things) lately. I have over 7000 pics on my hard drive that need organized and stored elsewhere! (like Flickr). I love Ty's stalling techniques- it only makes sense that he needs a snack after "emptying the system".

    little rambler said...

    I love how several of these fall into one of my favorite cleaning techniques which is make a big mess in the name of getting things "organized." Given the way I can spend hours alphabetizing our DVD collection I am a little embarrassed to admit I hadn't given a thought to the board games and cookbooks that are currently whiling away their UNALPHABETIZED life right there in my living room! I better fix THAT when I get home tonight :-)

    Scott Purdum said...

    i'm going to write a blog about procrastination ... someday

    ConnieK said...

    Oh and I tagged you for a photo meme... so that you have yet another way to procrastinate!!


    The Wandering Daughter said...

    I'm guilty of Facebook stalking myself. It's a great way of putting off homework assignments.

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