top ten tuesday

tomorrow, my baby boy will be 8 months old.  how does this happen?  i know, i ask this over and over again.  but really, how does it happen?  thinking about the future, i don't know if i'm ready for him to be a year old yet.  stop, time!  not so fast.  i didn't get to completely soak up these past 8 months with him.  some of those little things have escaped me before i even had a chance to process them.

so before another month goes by, i need to stop and notate all the special moments.  before they're lost.  before they become a blur-a heavy haze, in my mind.  before i can no longer remember all the little details.

top 10 precious baby (gibson) moments:
  1. giggles and squeals of delight. [i just love listening to him laugh. it always brings a smile to my face.]
  2. gummy grins. [well, i suppose he's got some teeth now, but just the bottom two.  but gummy grins are so adorable!]
  3. pudgy baby hands that reach out for your face and stroke your cheek. [i love when he does this.  he's such a tactile baby.  the part i don't love is when he goes beyond stroking and grabs a chunk of your face and squeezes it in his hands.  ouch!]
  4. little birdie mouth and the one legged kick of anticipation before he nurses. [i remember emma did the same thing.  i know i'm just being mean by prolonging the nursing, but i love watching his leg kick when he knows he's close to meal time.  it cracks me up.]
  5. the look of delight and outstretched arms when he sees me walk into a room.  [aaahhh, if only that look will last forever.  i'm sure he'll be taking that back when he becomes a teenager.]
  6. sharing quiet time as he nurses. [i savor each moment of this because i know it won't last forever.]
  7. peaceful serenity in my arms as he sleeps. [before i put him in his bed, i love listening to his steady breathing, feeling the warm air against my cheek, smelling his sweet baby smell and looking at that sweet baby face.  so peaceful.  at that moment, i forget about everything else and remember just how gracious and loving God has been to me.]
  8. brotherly love. [what a happy face he makes when he knows his siblings are in the room.  he'll even stop nursing the minute he hears their voices so that he can search for them.]
  9. snuggle bug. [okay, so emma was not a snuggler.  ever.  well, maybe in the first month but that's it.  this boy, however, will rest his head on your chest, wrap his arms around you and just let you hold him close.  i am appreciating this right now since i know there will be a time where snuggle time will become few and far between.]
  10. daddy time. [i just love seeing babies with their daddies.  they have a special way of interacting with the little ones and it warms my heart.]
what are your favorite precious moments (does not have to be baby related)?


Melissa said...

Oh so sweet! I love the extreme excitement just before nursing too. And Aelyn gets a hold of my face/neck too ouch! What a cute pic of Mr. Gibs.

Momisodes said...

What a cutie pie! It's amazing how quickly the first year flies by.

My favorite precious moments are returned smiles and gentle hugs from my 4-year old.

Prasti said...

i was also thinking about slobbery, open mouth baby kisses...those are adorable. and any kiss from emma is precious since she doesn't give them out so freely anymore :).

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