top ten tuesday

i was pretty excited when we had a lovely "warm" front visit us last week (and my pocketbook was happy too since we could turn down the heat a bit).  it was actually bearable to go outside without having to put on my usual 8 layers.

but it was too good to be true.  i awoke to snow on the ground and a chill in the air.  on the plus side, there hasn't been any single digit temperatures...yet.  i'm hopeful that we can make it through this winter without having to deal with some bitter cold weather.

if your a big baby like me about the cold, then you might enjoy this weeks top ten.

top ten fun *indoor* things to do because it's too darn cold outside (kids optional):
  1. put on some music, crank up the volume and dance like you've never danced before. [this is a surprisingly good, energy burning work-out.]
  2. bake some tasty treats and then eat them all after wards.  [ha...i've never actually done the second part but there are days i am tempted to do so.]
  3. bust out some paints and butcher paper or large canvas and do a little abstract art. [this is a fun one to do with the kiddies too.  the best is if you strip them down, skip the paint brushes and have them use their hands to paint.]
  4. make a fort out of chairs and blankets. [hang out in your new fort with your kiddies, or your dog, or your cat, or all of the above.  enjoy a tasty snack while you're in there.]
  5. cuddle up on the couch and have a reading marathon. throw in a hot cocoa or a cup of coffee and a nice, warm blanket to complete the experience. [this is one of emma's favorite things to do.  she will bring down a stack of books and plant herself on the couch to "read" them all.]
  6. indoor bowling. [we picked up a kiddie bowling set from a thrift store and it's great fun to use...as long as no one is trying to nap.  if you don't have an indoor bowling set, use some old beer bottles or soda cans and a tennis ball.]
  7. get crafty. [pull out that sewing machine collecting dust in the corner.  or tackle a new knitting project.  or upcycle items you have around the house to create something new.]
  8. rearrange furniture or do a quick room makeover. [okay.  this may not be viewed as fun for some of you, but it's fun to rearrange stuff around the house.  gives the area a fresh look.]
  9. treasure hunt. [this one will require at least a partner.  if you have a dog that likes to sniff things out, like our crazy dog, then you can even do this activity with your pet.  of course, in that case, the hunted item should be food.  this is fun with the kids too.  draw a "map" of the house and see if they can follow the clues.]
  10. puzzles! [puzzles suck me in.  kind of like when you're playing a video game and you're so close to getting to the next level so you keep trying and trying until you get there.  but then you're so close to getting to the next level after that and so you keep trying and trying to get there...that's how i can get with puzzles.]

what are some of your favorite indoor activities?  please share!  we would love to try them out :).


Melissa said...

Oh, puzzles! My friend and I would do puzzles for hours during sleepovers (Yeah, we were a wild bunch). I have one that I have been longing to do for some time. I may just have to break it out and hope that Layla doesn't take off with the pieces to use for her "cooking" projects.

ConnieK said...

I definitely am the reading/crafting type when it is cold and dreary out like yesterday. We also like to play Pass the Pigs and Checkers!

Katie said...

dollar store shaving cream plus one toddler in the bath tub....tons of fun and it all washes down the drain!!

or dollar store pudding (make it with water instead of milk) plus one toddler and finger paint/explore the texture in the bath tub...it washes down the drain as well :)

or balloons, a small bowl with glue and colorful yarn....blow up the balloons, cut a variety of lengths of yarn, dip yarn in the glue then place on balloon. make sure you overlap the yarn strands .let dry then pop the balloon and you will then have yarn eggs....not a good project with a toddler, but great for preschool and up.

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