first baby steps: follow-up

earlier this month i shared with you our money management plans for 2010.

well, to be honest, stocking up $1,000 for our emergency fund has been slow going.  there are a lot of hurdles we need to overcome, which can be discouraging and keep us from being hopeful that baby step 1 is even attainable.  our monthly health insurance premium has gone up for 2010, which means our monthly income has decreased.  our one major credit card increased their rates (again!) for 2010 (ridiculous, i say), even though we have been very prompt with our payments.  our lakewood city tax is due at the end of this month.  our car tabs are due in the next few months.  and it keeps going and going.

but we're plugging away.  little by little.  any extra cash received we've been putting away as much as we can.  we've listed our debts (except for the house) and know which one to tackle first after step 1 is done.  we know that step 1 is attainable, and we know that following these steps is the best way for us to glorify God with His money.

i've taken the whole "commit to saving $1,000 as fast as possible" advice more seriously this time around and have been looking all over our house for stuff to sell (that's the primary reason i've been a bit MIA on here lately).  whether it's craigslist, ebay, amazon or resale shops, i'll go wherever they'll give me money :).

anyone need a kitchen sink?


GranolaMom4God said...

Yahoo! You guys can do it!

Melissa said...

We hope to meet the first step by next week (PTL). As a side effect of all the purging, isn't it amazing to see how much unnecessary stuff we accumulate? You can do it!

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