i've decided that you are growing too quickly.  the first 9 months have gone by much faster than i was prepared for.  please, slow down a bit.  just so that your mama can enjoy your chubby cuteness a little bit longer.

you are officially mobile, with your special way of getting around.  it cracks me up to watch you get on your hands and knees, rock back and forth until you get enough momentum to propel yourself across the floor.  and once you tire of that, you change it up and do a little bit of army crawling.  either way, once you figure out you want to get at something, there's no more stopping you!

and just today, you were in the kitchen with me trying to pull up on the handle to the broiler (don't worry, it was turned off) and pulled open the whole door!  i almost had a heart attack.

we saw the doctor today and you didn't even flinch when the nurse did the finger prick to check your iron count.  there must have been some extra fat on your fingers to mask the pain.  your height check put you in at 27 3/4 inches.  your weigh in put you at 20 lbs. 2 oz., or another way to put it about 9 lbs. lighter than your 3.5 year old sister.  hmmm... 

i still love all of your chubbiness.  those chunky cheeks and the little pot belly...i just want to eat it up.  i love watching you eat, seeing those chipmunk cheeks move as you try to gum all your food or looking at the rolls on your forearm as you grab for the food morsels on your tray.

i especially love those moments when you reach for my face with your sweet, little, chubby arms and give me the best slobbery, open-mouth kisses.  they make melt.  your sweet smiles and giggles brighten all of our days.  you can turn any frown upside down with that cute face.  we all love you so much, bubba!


Melissa said...

Awe. Slobbery kisses are just the best! Can't believe how much he's grown already.

Kristin said...

how is he so big already? Just today I changed my desktop background to the picture of Agent Gibs and at Grandpa and Ibu's house and a boy sitting next to me said "Whoa- those are some awesome cheeks. What a cute kid!" That's right. That's MY cousin. Enjoy the rest of the baby days, Prasti! I wish you could get him to stay this size until I see him again, but life doesn't work that way.

Michelle said...

I miss my baby nephew Gibson and those chubby cheeks!! he's getting too big too soon!!

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