top ten tuesday

 in celebration of my husband's birthday today, this week's top ten is just for him.

the birthday boy

top 10 lovable things about you:

1. the little sleepy hat you use for bed time.

2. your special way of preparing your overly-sweetened coffee (and now you've got me hooked too!)...cream/milk in the cup first, then the sugar, then the coffee.

3. having special cups that others (even me) can't use.  and if someone does use it by accident you'll make sure that they don't make the same mistake again.

4. taking a whole week off, every year, to celebrate your birthday.

excited about his birthday week extravaganza.

5. falling asleep on the couch pretty much the minute you sit down.

6. a little bit OCD that manifests itself in your sock wearing.

7. terror in the kitchen! (exploding microwave door, paper towel catching on fire, breaking the french press carafe...)

8. always willing to give your time to your kids, even after a long day at work.

9. filling our home with music, and getting our kids excited about making music and creating their own, fun, little lyrics.

10. your genuine love and comittment to the Lord (thank you for the example you set for me and our children and for leading our family in the way of the Lord).

enough with this paparazzi! 

happy birthday, A!

now go play your vandals happy birthday to me song and enjoy your day...


Ponytails and pretties said...

"For 24hours you're wishing me well. 364 days I'm in hell. Oh well. Happy birthday to me......"
Happy b-day uncle A. Enjoy your song and your day.

Melissa said...

Happy Birthday Aaron! Hope it's a great one.

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