new artwork

as part of my husband's week long birthday celebration, he got a new tattoo.  since we moved here, he gets all his work done by dave at voodoo monkey tattoo.  dave always does a fabulous job, and turns my husband's ideas into something beyond his expectations.  but dave is also a very busy guy, and is usually booked solid every week.  fortunately for my husband, there was a cancelation earlier this week and dave was able to begin work on the new tattoo.

phase 1 is just the outline.  phase 2, the color, will be done in about 2 weeks (which was the next available appointment he had.  see...he is a busy guy!).

and since i didn't want to feel left out, i figured i should add to my own "collection."

mine was just done today by eric (who was great to work with and very personable), also at voodoo monkey.  i had a couple of different ideas in mind, but decided to go with the heart since aaron has one with my name on it and he has been waiting for a few years to get mine done.  i like how they both look similar but different at the same time.

so romantic, isn't it?


Momisodes said...

Aw, that is very sweet! They turned out great.

Melissa said...

You guys are too cute!

Corrie said...

Totally Romantic! Looks great Prasti. Looking forward to seeing it in person!

Robert Stockham said...


arabesque said...

if only i could get one of those here! ^0^
i love both of them, but if i were to choose, the aaron tat was more feminine, it had more swirls on it. so, i'd go for that. ^0^

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