love is a burning thing and it makes a fiery ring

this past saturday aaron and i went on our first date night of 2010.  we had a blast.  just like the "good old days" of dating, we went out to see a band and enjoyed some excellent music and some super fantastic company.

i always look forward to date nights, and we don't have them as often as we should.  date nights usually end up pretty low on our priority list with a tight budget and little kiddies.  but i know that it shouldn't.  for the health of our marriage, i know (we both know) that date nights should be more of a priority (and there are certainly lots of creative date night options no matter what budget you're on).

i love the time that we get together as a couple during date nights.  i love getting ready, planning out what to wear, and feeling giddy all over again about being able to spend a few hours with the man i love.  they are precious moments where i can reconnect with my husband and really enjoy him without any other distractions.  it's our time.  just us...doing something together.

the date itself doesn't even have to be extravagant or complicated.  one of my most favorite dates i remember was actually staying at home, sitting on our patio on a summer night, drinking some good wine, eating some good cheese, and just talking.  it was awesome!

in all honesty, before i was married, i always thought that the whole dating (pursuit, courting, that longing to be with him every hour of every day, etc.) concept ended at marriage.  but to my surprise, it continued (as it should).  my husband still pursues me with as much fervor as before we were married.  and that burning desire to be with him every minute of every day still exists in my heart.  i think having those date nights just completes the experience.

i think date nights are a necessity for every married couple in order to maintain a happy, healthy and thriving marriage.  and after our outing saturday night, we are making every attempt to at least have one twice a month. 

we really like this sermon (along with the q&a) from song of songs by our old pastor in seattle.  it provides some excellent, helpful and practical reasons for date nights as a married couple (the sermon series on the whole book can be found here).

and now, i eagerly await our next time together...


The Wandering Daughter said...

You know, Mom and Dad still do date nights every once in awhile. Although their version of a date sometimes involves going to a GU basketball game. But it's the quality time together that counts, I guess. And I think, now that all us kids are out of the house, they are more in love with each other than before.

Jenn Vinje/Walters said...

This is sooooo cute

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