top ten tuesday

valentine's day is just around the corner, and what's more fitting than a top ten list about love?

our top 10 favorite ways to say, "i love you:"
  1. tell him/her "i love you." [ha.  i know.  pretty obvious, eh?]
  2. give each other back and body rubs.
  3. send each other little love notes. [this can also be in the form of texts or e-mails.  i usually send aaron little texts or an e-mail, since he can't always talk during work.]
  4. bring home an unexpected favorite treat. [in aaron's case, it would be some good beer or ale.  in my case, it would be chocolates.  although, when i was pregnant, smoothies and slurpees trumped chocolates any day.]
  5. a box of chocolates. [classic, right?  usually can't go wrong with chocolates.  especially truffles.  mmmm...i love truffles.  especially good truffles.  like the ones at lilly handmade chocolates.  aaron, are you reading this?]
  6. hugs and kisses.
  7. snuggling.
  8. doing an unexpected act of service for the other person. [this doesn't have to be anything too complicated.  cleaning the kitchen, packing a lunch, really any type of help in doing something the other person usually does.]
  9. couple, one-on-one time/date night. [you don't even have to go out for this special time.  even if it's some time together on the couch after the kids go to bed, just to re-connect.]
  10. holding hands.
 of course these are things that you can do any day of the year.  because everyday should be a day of love!  what are some of your favorite ways to show someone you care?


Kristin said...

wake up calls in the morning! Max always calls to make sure I'm up early on the morning of an exam even if he doesn't need to be up. It's the cutest thing to hear his groggy voice say that he's glad I'm awake that he's praying for me. Nothing says "i love you" to him more than a homecooked meal and a clean kitchen so that's what I usually do when I visit :)

Anonymous said...

You know Dad's not the mushy type but the random sweet things your dad does throughout the year is his way of showing his love. Just the other day he took my car, got it washed and filled up the gas tank. I've never had to wash the car myself in the 3 years I've owned it. Suamiku sayang padaku (that's a song Pras). ~Mom~

Katie said...

mmm....a heartfelt and detailed, "I love it when you....." is wonderful!! I get, "I love it when you choose to leave the house a bit messy and just play/be with the kids because the house will always be here, but the kids are growing faster than we ever imagined possible." That is music to my ears because I used to be a "everything in its place" kinda girl, but Sean reinforcing what truly is important is wonderful love.

The Wandering Daughter said...

Words are easy to say, and kisses are easy to give. I think for me, it's acts of service that really do it for me. Like how Clint waits for me and picks me up from class late at night, instead of having me take the Metro home by myself. Taking that time out of his day shows me he cares.

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