top ten tuesday

following my post yesterday on date nights, i thought i'd carry it over to this week's top ten.

top ten favorite dates with my husband (a-feel free to add any of your favorites):
  1. our very first date, where you managed to convince me to get out of my jammies and go out and do a little karoeke. [i know this was pre-marriage, but it has to be one of my favorites.  i still remember changing at least 3 or 4 times before i settled on an outfit i thought was "just thrown together" but not too sloppy but not look like i was trying too hard.]
  2. sitting out on our patio, on a warm summer evening, enjoying some wine and cheese and talking late into the night.
  3. going out to see the vandals.
  4. dinner at the metropolitan grill and then off to watch the pacific northwest ballet's the nutcracker. [i love ballets.  and i love that my husband loves me so much that he's willing to sit through it with me and make an attempt to appreciate it :)]
  5. seeing the queers show.
  6. filling up on appetizers and enjoying the spanish coffee at zig zags. [this was one of our favorite date night spots to hang.  the low lighting and intimate ambience provided the perfect backdrop for two couples in love.  it was one of those places where we could just hang and talk for hours.]
  7. opening night shows at the great lakes theatre, followed by the after-party (thanks, corrie!).
  8. dinner and drinks at the broadway grill and then a nice stroll through capitol hill. [chicken cheese quesadilla's, half price margaritas on the rocks and hours of conversation. oh yeah!]
  9. thai tom dinners. [nothing creates lasting memories more than being crammed into a hole in the wall restaurant, filling up on fried tofu and pad thai.]
  10. our little dinner date at the hotel restaurant in bali...sitting outside by the beach...i could have many more dinner dates there!
what are some of your favorite (or memorable) dates with your spouse?


Ponytails and pretties said...

Our first date will always be in the top 5. Jon stalled his car 3 times, but won me over with his "awesome" accents. Some of my favorite dates are when we sit on the couch with a bottle of wine and laugh together.

Melissa said...

Such a sweet list of memories, Prasti. Lane and I used to do a lot of indoor rock climbing. I always looked forward to our dates to Kendall Cliffs or the Cleveland Rock Gym. We actually stole Layla's name from one of the girls who we met rock climbing (not that we named her after her, we just liked her name). Afterward, we would take our chalk covered selves to dinner. So many fun memories!

aaron said...

i'll never forget our time at stiefel "the boot" in cologne germany. i love you and i think your cute!

The Wandering Daughter said...

One of my favorite dates with Clint was going hiking with him in Snoqualmie Falls. But I guess it's not technically a date since Anthony and his friends were with us too.

Another favorite was buying a new bike for me after my 12-year old bike was stolen right in front of where I worked. He drove me to the bike shop and helped me pick out a new bike, and then we walked over to Aqua Verde afterward for dinner.

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