dads are awesome!

happy father's day to all the daddies (and daddies-to-be) out there!

and nothing gets the father of the year award than a photo opp with your 3 kids and a bottle of rum in front of the liquor store...

now that's class.  ha, ha.  just joking. 

in all seriousness...

thanks dad for putting up with me and my craziness (ha!).  

and to my own husband, thank you for being a super-dad.  really.  you are amazing and awesome.  even when you're worn out from a long day at work you still make time for all your 3 kids (and me), making each of them feel loved and special. 

thank you for being a role model our sons can look up to, and for showing our daughter how a woman and wife should be treated and cared for.

we love you!


MommyNamedApril said...

hah! love it :-) you have a beautiful family!

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