top ten tuesday

for the bacon lover in you...when simply eating mere bacon is not enough.

top ten edible and non-edible bacony items of interest (in no particular order):

1. the bacon air freshener. [there's nothing better than coming into a car filled with that bacony aroma.  ask my husband.]

2. that bacon one truffle. [a family favorite when we stop by lilly's.]

3. bacon-infused old fashioned: bacon-infused bourbon and maple foam. [heard about this from a friend.  though i don't care for bourbon/whisky, it sounds like an interesting mix.]

4. smell like bacon with bacon soap. [who doesn't want to smell like maple bacon?]

5. and for the ladies, bacon earrings: there are these cute, little ones or this one is more dangly and realistic looking. [wear them with pride, people!]

6. bacon salt: kosher and vegan friendly. [you don't have to be a meat eater to enjoy that smoky bacon flavor.]

7. fill your house with a bacony-aroma every day with these bacon scented candles. [the downside to this: i would actually want to eat some asap.]

8. baconfest in chicago.  [bacon poetry?  bacon expo?  i think it would just put me over the edge.]

9. get bacon flavored lattes with bacon syrup.  or maybe an italian soda with bacon syrup instead of the usual berry flavors? [ummm...yum?  questionable, but i'd be willing to try if torani would send me a free sample.  i'll even write a review.]

10. bacon undies. [cute, no?]

and don't miss the latest bacon news by stopping by bacon today or royal bacon society.

have a great day!  and eat some bacon!


2blessed2stress said...

lol ok i had to go check out some of the links... bacon earrings... to cute...bacon undies.... well lets just say the backs were a bit "disturbing" with a big ole bacon X accross the bumm! LOL we've tried the bacon salt, but ours actually says pepper and didnt have any bacony goodness ;( I checked out Lilly's site, would be really interested in trying choc covered bacon (thanks to Michael Symon on Dinner Impossible, my curiosity is peeked! LOL) Great blog Prasti :)

Corrie said...

This left my mouth watering. I'll add a bonus bacon for knitters. A homemade bacon scarf: http://www.theanticraft.com/archive/beltane08/vegan.htm

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