made in the 216: back again

last week was the return of made in the 216.  this event made its debut last summer, and was obviously a huge success because this time around it was a whole lot bigger.

although the event was held in the same location as last year, there were a lot more artists featured this time around.  and it seemed every usable space to feature the artists' creations was used.

aaron and i stopped by friday night, sans kiddies, and it. was. busy.  the place was fairly packed, a live DJ was on hand mixing up some sweet tunes, and the lines at the register seemed never-ending.  they even stayed open later to accomodate people who were still interested in making purchases.

we returned the following day with the kids and spent more time looking over all the locally made merchandise.  from jewelry and other wearables to furniture, it was hard not to find something for everyone.

i love going to this event, because i find it to be a great opportunity to find uniqe gifts for other people while supporting local businesses at the same time.  how can you go wrong with that?

it is nice to see people coming out to show their support for events like this.  whether you make a purchase or not, your presence along with that of so many people provides tremendous encouragement to the community, local neighborhoods and the city as a whole.


Astrid Vinje said...

You should try and get your stuff sold there next year. It would be great exposure, and I'm sure people would be interested in buying cute baby clothes.

Fresh Mommy said...

Oh that is just so cool!!! I wish we had something like that around here. I will say that I LOVE to visit the Farmer's market, and there are some great finds there, but nothing like that event. How fun!


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