top ten tuesday

so, i'll just get to it...

top ten reasons why i've been slacking on my top ten (and blogging in general):

1. the weather.  [it's hot.  it's sunny.  and i love it.  that means i'm outside.  even if it means just hanging in the front yard.]

2. my parents came for a visit.  [so a few days before their arrival were busy cleaning and organizing.  then while they were here i decided it would be much more enjoyable to spend most of my time with them than on the computer blogging.  no offense.]

3. throw pillow covers.  [i made my own covers for the throw pillows on the couch before i owned a sewing machine.  they turned out...meh...okay.  now that i am a proud sewing machine owner, i decided to replace all the covers with new ones.  perhaps i will share photos of them with you later.  i'm very happy with how they turned out.  much better than the first attempt.]

4. while we're on the subject of sewing...handmade plush gifties for gibson's 1st birthday.  [remember when i mentioned the little jingle ball and the cubes that spelled "gibson" for his birthday present? all those pentagrams were tricky!  and the applique work on the individual letters was a whole new experience for me and my sewing machine.  needless to say, it took some time to figure things out.]

5. and more sewing...embroidered kiddie clothes.  [i've been embroidering more items to drop off at salty not sweet and a few that i just listed on my etsy shop.  my hands are fast but they are not flash gordon fast.]

6. birthdays.  [we just had gibson's birthday and birthday bbq.  ty's birthday party is this coming weekend, his birthday is on the 14th of june, emma's is on the 12th of june, and then her birthday party is planned for the 19th of june, and then i've got to finish up a couple of handmade goodies for my girlie's birthday present...too.many.birthdays.]

7. the wash. [with all the crafting and birthdays going on, i have to make sure i don't run out of clean underwear!  so laundry trumps blogging.  did i mention that it now takes about 3 days to do everybody's laundry?  3.  it's impossible to do it all in one day anymore.]

8. the thunderstorm and our oak tree.  [we had a massive (some say tornado-like) thunderstorm that went through earlier in may.  the 2 giant branches on the oak tree in our back yard split, barely hanging on after the storm came through.  ecotree came to the rescue and we said our good-byes to the old tree.]

9. sell, sell, sell. [we are continuing our purging of stuff in the house to keep ourselves on-track with our money management plans.  craigslist and i are BFFs.  #8 set us back quite a bit, but i'm so glad we had extra money in savings to take care of it.]

10. the attic.  [since the paint job and our move to the attic, not much has been done to make it look more like a bedroom/studio space.  the process is slow (mostly in my little studio/office corner), because there is a lot of stuff and not enough shelves and containers to organize it all in,  i think i just need to be a little more creative and do a little purging.  plus, i'm waaaay behind on filing which makes the clean-up and organizing project seem overwhelming.  but it's getting there!]

so pardon the lack of activity around here.  what has been keeping you busy lately?


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