new listing :: sacred heart

love, is a burning flame...

just listed these old school, tattoo-esque, sacred heart onesies at my little shop.  it is an original design done by yours truly, except for the flames who were done by my dear husband.

i had been thinking about this design in my head for a while, but i wasn't sure how i would put it on paper (or transpose it to thread for that matter).  i wanted it to be reminiscent of those old school sacred heart tattoos.  at the same time, i needed to keep the design simple enough so that it would come across well as an embroidered piece.

i really love the nostalgic and classic feel of old school tattoos.  i'm hoping to work with aaron on a couple more designs to embroider.


2blessed2stress said...

Great Job Prasti! If i ever get the nerve to do the back tattoo i want, i'm definately having you and Aaron help me design it! ;) LOL As for the girls.... I have sooo many ideas running through my head... let me narrow it down and i'll be talking to you!!! :)

Cascia said...

Cute design. Good luck selling these! I bet they will do well. Have a wonderful Wednesday.

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