the teen years: v. 1.3

a while back, i met this little boy.  he had just turned 4 years old, with these round checks, freckled nose, and a head of red hair.

i fell in love with his daddy, and the 3 of us started our new life together.

9 years later that little 4 year old is now officially a teenager.  that's right...it's the big 1.3.  a definite milestone.  good-bye kid's menus, good-bye boy's clothing sizes, good-bye boy's shoe sizes.  it is no more.

he had a few of his close friends come over to celebrate his birthday and spend the night camped out in the back yard.  aaron took them out to pizza (and no, it wasn't chuck-e-cheese) where they can chill and hang-out (and maybe feel a little bit more grown-up).

there was the usual brownie cake coupled with some shenanigans. 

for his actual birthday, his birthday dinner of choice was to have coconut shrimp.  and since i didn't feel like making them myself (though we have in the past) we hit up red lobster. 

and i think those new, trendy sunglasses complete the teenager package.

happy 13th birthday, our little, red-haired boy tyler!


2blessed2stress said...

Aweee this made me cry! Happy Birthay Tyler!

Kristin said...

Ty, happy birthday, cousin! You are one awesome kid!

Katie said...

ahhh...they grow too fast!! Happy birthday, teenager!!

Ronnica said...

Happy birthday to him!

Melissa said...

Happy Birthday to an awesome teen!!

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