homemade baby food: peas and allergies

okay.  i admit there hasn't been much of an update on the homemade baby food front since the first post.  well, that's because the next food item i decided to introduce him to since the last post were peas.

i was actually getting ready to post something about peas, but after the third day feeding gibson peas there was a reaction that i hadn't planned on.  bright red, bumpy splotches all over his stomach, arms and legs.  and they were spreading!

at first i thought it might have been the yogurt i ate, but it was actually the peas.  as soon as i stopped feeding him peas, the red splotches began to disappear (phew).

then his doctor said i should also stop eating peas (so sad...not really) along with any peanut product since peas are in the same family as peanuts (i can't believe i didn't know this...legumes...duh!).  we also found out that mr. chunk has eczema that may have been caused by the allergic reaction.  or, the eczema could be an indication of other allergies in the future.  so at his 9 month visit, the doctor will most likely refer me to an allergist for gibson.

this is all so new to me since emma wasn't allergic to anything except fresh strawberries.  and even that was a very mild case (3 red bumps on her arm.  that's it.).  no one else in our immediate family is allergic to anything so this really caught me off guard. 

so...no peas for me or my little giblet.  we did move on to some other foods, but i'll save that for another post.


Melissa said...

Awe poor little fella. Food allergies are no fun to deal with. Praying for you.

Corrie said...

Poor little thing!! Glad you caught it early. I'd never heard the pea / peanut relationship either. Learn something new every day...

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