homemade baby food: squash and sweet potatoes

since peas are a no go for our little chunk, we moved on to a couple of other veggie foods that are not in the legume family.

sweet potatoes are easy to prepare for babies and are done much like you would when making mashed potatoes (except no milk, butter or seasonings).  after rinsing and peeling the skin, chop the sweet potatoes and place them in a pan with just enough water to cook the potatoes.  once the potatoes are tender you can mash them up with a masher or probably even stick it in a food processor/blender to make it even more smooth.  if you filled the water just right, you won't have to drain any excess.

 squash was also fairly simple to prepare.  after washing the outside, slice in half and empty out seeds.  place them cut side down in a baking pan filled with water about 1/2 inch high and bake in oven (or microwave) until tender.  once cooled, just scoop out the meat with a spoon.  no need to at any water additional water.  it should be soft enough for baby to eat (gibson didn't have any problem with the consistency).  if you want to make it extra smooth, just stick in the food processor/blender for a bit.

 i used the freezer cube method like the apples and pears, to store both the sweet potatoes and squash.  since gibson eats a bit more at each meal now, we usually use 2-3 food cubes as 1 serving.  i also mix up the types of food he eats during a meal (as long as their foods that he's tried already).  one favorite was a mixture of applesauce and squash.  i don't think i would eat it, but i can see how it might taste good.


Melissa said...

yummo! Only about another month until I need to start preparing too. Where does the time go?

GranolaMom4God said...

Making baby food . . . ahhhh . . . brings back good memories. Reminds me that I have a post waiting to be written about this. Opps!

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