top ten tuesday

this week we bring you our top 10 christmas albums or songs (list compiled by aaron and me):

1. john denver and the muppets: a christmas together album
[gonzo: "now bring us some figgy pudding.." ms. piggy: "piggy pudding?"  gonzo: "no FIGGY pudding.  it's made with figs." ms. piggy: "oh."  gonzo: "and bacon."]

2. duke ellington's nutcracker suite album
[the dance of the sugar plum fairy and more all jazzed up.  this one gets me dancing around the house.]

3. "oh holy night"
[this has to be our favorite.  this song can either be amazing or painful depending on the vocal styling of the singer.]

4. "all i want for christmas is my two front teeth"
[so i can with a merry chrithmath!]

5. the vandal's christmas album
[NOT for the faint of heart...oi!]

6. "feliz navidad"
[not to be mistaken with "police stole my car"]

7. a charlie brown christmas album
[the whole album is great...]

8. "fairy tale of new york"
[a pogues christmas favorite]

9. "o come all ye faithful"
[love this classic]

10. elvis' christmas album
[i-a-a-a'll ha-haaave a bluuuee christmas, without youuuuuuuuu...christmas is not complete without a little elvsi.  thank you, thank you very much.]

runner's up: brady bunch christmas album, "there won't be snow in africa," "the 12 days of christmas," tchaikovsky's nutcracker suite, "go tell it on the mountain," "joy to the world."

what are some of your favorite christmas songs or albums?


ConnieK said...

I am a fan of Ho Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum by Jimmy Buffet!! Feliz Navidad is also a fave though too!

Fresh Mommy said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas music... probably because I love Christmastime. I can't wait to get home and enjoy it all. :)

I haven't heard all of these, so maybe i'll check some of them out. We do love Feliz Navidad and Oh Holy Night as well!! And Carol of the Bells is one of our faves as well... good by so many artists.


little rambler said...

It's really corny but I like the Dolly Parton/Kenny Rogers 80s album "Home for Christmas." A great compilation album though is something called the "Ultimate Christmas Collection."

Melissa said...

Brady Bunch Christmas?

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