it's nice to know she thinks of us

emma: oh! look at the plant over there.  it's getting big!

me: uh-uh.  it must like that window sill.

emma: that's the plant from VBS that i made.

me: did you plant it yourself?

emma: no.  my teacher helped me put it in the dirt.

me: oh.  did you make that plant for mommy and daddy?

emma: no.  [said in a rather firm and matter-of-fact tone of voice] i made it for myself.


Melissa said...

haha. She's so cute.

GranolaMom4God said...

The things kids say!

Corrie said...

Too funny!! Very cool though that after all this time she remembers VBS. That was ages ago!

Fresh Mommy said...

SOOOOO cute!!! Hahaha, they are so funny at this age :)

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