thanksgiving holiday marks the beginning of a very busy period for us.  well, not all of us as a family, per se.  just my husband.

the start of thanksgiving means the start of long hours and long weeks every week until christmas day for him (with the last 2 weeks until christmas being the most extreme).  it means saying good-bye to him, so to speak, until christmas when it comes to a screeching halt.  and then it's all over until next year.  this is nothing new to us.  not that we've come to accept it, but i suppose we're used to it after 8 years of the same cycle.

but the thanksgiving holiday is also a celebration for us.  not only is it a celebration of thanks but it is also a celebration of having dad home with us before the madness of his holiday work schedule begins.  it is the time where we soak up as much family togetherness time as we can before single-mom nights, weekend work days, and limited communication time between A and the family.

so on thanksgiving day we celebrated with family.  lots of family!  much like last year.  we had A's parents, corrie, and special visitors from DC (my niece melody, my sister astrid, her husband clint and son anthony).  it was a great day full of delicious food, conversations, and much laugther.

 we took our DC visitors around some of our favorite spots like the gypsy beans, room service and the made in the 216 holiday shoppe.

we walked down to the library and greensmart gifts, and took them to chelsea's where melody found 3 fabulous vintage purses (i don't think they were all for her).

emma was in heaven because there were plenty of people willing to sit down and read her a book.  it seemed that every time i looked she was on someone's lap reading a book.

gibson also enjoyed the extra attention.  so many new faces!  it's hard to imagine that the next time he sees them he'll probably be walking.

thanks for making the long drive to the 216 my DC family!  it was so fun to wake up and see your smiling faces, get into our silly sister giggles, and hearing the house full of your voices.


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