word(full) wednesdsay::first ever

my very first commissioned work for Hope Through Health fundraiser/silent auction event.  the hand-embroidered images are sewn onto a yellow toddler tee.

 creating the images was the most challenging aspect of the whole process.  my talented husband drew up the lady carrying the basket and gave me lots of helpful feedback along the way.

thanks for the opp. astrid and clint!

more wordless wednesday here and here.


Melissa said...

These are beautiful Prasti. What a great cause.

Staci said...

They turned out wonderfully!

Sukhmandir Kaur said...

These are really beautiful. The images you chose are so evocative and go well with the subtle simplicity of the design incorporated by your needle and embroidery threads

Fresh Mommy said...

Oh wow, great job!!

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