top ten tuesday

we love games (i especially love board games...scrabble anyone?) because of its inherent bonding nature.  nothing brings families and friends closer together than a good, old-fashioned game (although monopoly is questionable...especially when you have a husband who likes to bend the rules a bit to win the game even at his own wife's expense).

so in honor of the super-fun game night party we had last saturday, this week's list is a compilation of our favorite games.  and when we say games, we're talkin' old school.  no guitar hero, mario kart, wii, psp, and such.

 our top 10 favorite games to share with family and friends (laughter guaranteed with each play):

1. apples to apples

2. pigmania (are you surprised that this one is on our top 10?)

3. uno

4. rummy

5. topple

6. twister (make sure you're dressed appropriately for this one. and please refrain from eating any beans if you still want to keep your friends).

7. yahtzee

8. monopoly

9. cranium (we don't own this but it's a fun one to play)

10. clue (a childhood favorite of mine)

 what old school games are in your home?


aaron said...

i can't believe you're still bringing that up. i have publically repented of that transgression and have mended my ways... i do however, still very much like winning.

Melissa said...

Pass the Pigs (Pigmania)!! Yay! Scrabble can get pretty intense with Lane's family (but his dad always wins). Chinese Checkers, Parcheesi, and several on your list are some of our favorites.

little rambler said...

We're big fans of Scatergories and Taboo. We also play quite a bit of Scrabble, Sequence, and Aggravation. Love game nights!!

Michelle said...

I love UNO and Apples to Apples. During Thanksgiving break, we played these games and Mad Gab at Chris and Renee's house! Mom is surprisingly sneaking at UNO and Dad is really good at Apples to Apples (I think he won). And Tia and Alisa rock at Mad Gab!! It was so much fun!!

ConnieK said...

I asm a huge fan of checkers and Monopoly, although I play a mean Chutes and Ladders!! (We just bought Pass the Pigs for Christmas!!)

Robert Stockham said...

We play a TON of games:
we added Partini and Monopoly recently to the rotation. We love Scattergories and Cranium and Apples for the whole group. We also like 10 Days in (Asia, Europe, Africa) for 4 people as a way to learn more about geography. We like FLUXX, Sequence, Balderdash and our new favorite Qwirkle for family fun. BUt for the gaming freaks like us, its Killer Bunnies and Settlers of Catan!

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