an annual tradition?

last year, the family did the 4 mile walk through downtown cleveland for the march of dimes. last year, i was almost 9 months pregnant when i did the walk (hello contractions!).
we will be doing the walk again this year, and gibson will be joining us outside of the womb this time around.

i have never given birth to a premature baby, experienced what it's like to have a child with birth defects, or said good-bye to my baby soon after meeting him (or her) for the first time.

but i do have children. praise God that they're healthy. and praise God that one is happily residing in His presence. this is why i choose to walk this sunday. and i hope this is something we can do every year together as a family.

if you are interested in contributing to our modest goal please visit our fundraising page, or click the march for babies badge to your right. or you are more than welcome to walk with us...9:00 a.m. is registration!


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