top ten tuesday

yesterday i said good-bye to the last day in my twenties.

welcome 3.0.

top ten memories that stand out from the past 30 years (in no particular order):

1. my 16th birthday party. [rollerskating, sleep-over, and all that good stuff.]

2. birthing my children. [the thrill and excitement of meeting them for the first time is unbeatable.]

3. being overly-eager to work early mornings at the coffee shop with this cute guy i had a crush on (which turned out to be my future husband. ha. it worked out, didn't it?). [espresso shots, upturned aprons, white, white legs-not mine, his...punch-drunk and running on caffeine and minimal sleep. we put on a good show for the customers.]

4. my wedding day. [gray, rainy seattle wedding. in august. perfect. and lots of other fun memories...it may require its own top ten!]

5. high school prom. [you can say what you want, but i had a great time on both my junior and senior year proms. but i don't recommend doing a 12K the day after.]

6. astrid's head getting stuck in between the bars of a gate at the cengkareng airport when we were little. [guess her curiosity got the best of her. sorry, sis...i had to put this one in. it's kinda funny.]

7. helping both my sisters from drowning in the pool (2 separate occasions) after falling in accidentally.

8. astrid being taken to the hospital when she was 5 (?) after she fell and hit her chin on the marble floor-stitches were required. [i remember being terribly upset and crying because she was upset and crying.]

9. the first day he said "i love you." [my stomach did flips and i was on cloud 9 (i suppose i still am).]

10. that crazy metallica concert that i wanted to go to in 7th grade but never did. [broken windows (including ours...i have a scar to prove it :) ), burned cars on the street...i guess some people that couldn't go didn't handle it too well.]


Corrie said...

Happy Birthday Prasti!!! I hope you have a wonderful day! Welcome to your next decade (from those of us who already crossed that line :-)

aaron said...

to my beautiful, funny, and all around amazing wife (and also my best friend) i wish you a happy birthday. i consider myself extremely blessed to be able to have celebrated, and continue to celebrate having you in my and the kids life. your love and support helps make and define our family. there is no one that i would rather spend my life with than you. i love you baby. happy birthday!

Melissa said...

Happy Birthday, Prasti!!

Astrid Vinje said...

Wow, I finally got to read this post three months later.

Re #5: I actually would recommend doing a 12k the day after prom, only because it's a good cure for a hangover (only if you walk the 12k, of course)

I like that I'm in #6, #7, and #8. I feel so special.

I do remember #10 quite vividly. At least you did eventually get to see Metallica in concert, right?

Happy belated birthday, Prasti!

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