salty not sweet is quite sweet

between the stalking and the updating, it's easy to get sucked in if you have facebook.  my husband refuses to set up an account (but instead he helps himself to mine), because he doesn't want to risk being found by old high school "buddies."  i suppose that can be a downside to some.  but one of the things i have come to appreciate about facebook is its networking abilities.

without facebook, i don't know that i would have discovered this sweet, new little shop. 

photo source.

 salty not sweet (you can read a little bit more about here and here) is located in the waterloo arts district on waterloo rd.  coming from the west side, the drive to the shop is not bad at all (20 minutes), since it's right off the freeway, and it was very easy to find. 

this cute little shop offers a great selection of locally made items from soaps and candles by terra verde soap & candle co., unique cards by candra squire and lots of cool, kiddie items: tutus, leg warmers, adorable hair accessories, plush toys...oh yeah, and my stuff is there too. [i know. shameless.]

i love the fact that small, indie shops, that support locally made products are cropping up all over the place (other examples: room service, blush boutique, greensmart gifts...).  it makes me proud to call cleveland home.


Melissa said...

I've been feeling a bit out of balance with facebook and was considering deleting my account. But the networking aspect is awesome. So many wonderful things have been brought to my attention! This shop looks super cute and right up my ally. I'll have to check it out.

Fresh Mommy said...

What a great little find!! Makes the city look so different from the parts of it that I've seen. If I come back for a show, we'll definitely have to get together!


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