i can't believe there's no butter (or eggs)

brownies.  they are a popular dessert in our house.  birthdays and brownies go hand in hand.  no one ever requests a regular cake.  even chocolate cake. no. one.

i like to bake.  and i like making brownies from scratch because they're easy to make and fulfill my chocolate fix.  i have a recipe that i've used which produces some rich, decadent brownies (in my opinion, at least).  but maybe it's because there's a half stick of butter in there.  it doesn't matter.  as long as it tastes good.

so, when candra asked if anyone was willing to make some goodies for the salty not sweet craft show tomorrow, i happily volunteered to make some brownies.  however, i thought i'd try something different and try my hand at some vegan brownies.  i wanted to make something that everyone can eat (whether you're a meat-eater, vegetarian, vegan or just plain allergic to dairy and/or eggs).

i was mentally prepared to try a few different recipes, and had picked out a few simple ones to make.  but i fell in love with the very first one i tried (you can find the full recipe at eco child's play).  the only thing i changed was not adding the chopped pecans (or walnuts) to the batter.  instead, i sprinkled chopped walnuts on the top of the first batch.

i took one bite and wow.  i mean, really?  i couldn't believe how rich and chew it was.  with no butter?  and no eggs? 

 i want to devour the whole thing.


Jennifer Walters said...

Um. YUM.
I'll take a dozen. Thanks!

Melissa said...

Yummo. My sister in law made some delectable vegan carob brownies when she was living with us. Surprisingly tasty! So, when are we coming over?

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