top ten tuesday

yesterday, we walked down to have dinner at the melt (ooh, that grilled cheese sandwich with mushroom and caramelized onions washed down with a cold, smooth ale sounded sooooo good).

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"party of 3?  it will be an hour to an hour and a half wait."

1. hour.  at 5 p.m.  i should have known (how i long for the the days when they were first open and we could get a seat in 15 minutes.).  we had the little ones with us and potentially waiting over an hour probably would not go over so well.  then again it might have.  we just have never tried.


top 10 alternate plans when you get shot down at the melt:

1. go home and try to re-create what you were craving.  [we tried this once.  didn't work.]

2. go for sushi or hibachi.  or both!  [nothing curbs the melt craving like sushi??]

3. el jalapeno on 117th.

4. order the melt take-out.  [the wait for this is still an hour, but at least you can feed the kids and keep them entertained easier when you're waiting at home.]

5. the beer engine.  [they have been our plan b a few times before.]

6. press your face against their front window and watch people eat.  drool optional. [maybe it will make them eat faster, which will free up more seats, which may make the wait shorter.]

7. five guys burgers.  [it's a chain, yes.  but they have pretty good burgers.  and you can add mushrooms!]

8. put the kids to bed, find someone to fire-sit and go back to the melt.  at least this time around we could wait at the bar.  [never tried this one, but it sounds like a good idea to me.]

9. use lots of money, your charm and good looks (or threats if the first approach didn't work) to get someone to give up their spot in line.  [i don't know how well this one will fly, but desperate times call for desperate measures.]

10. go to aladdin's just down the street.  [this is what we did this time around since we walked.  another family favorite for some delicious dining.]

oh eastside melt, please open soon!  not for me but for the east siders that come over to enjoy some grilled cheese goodness.  but i don't even know if that will really make a difference since that place is so good!


ConnieK said...

Oh that has happened to us more than once! I love the food but now way in heck am I waiting with 2 hungry kids and a hungry man for an hour and a half! We actually made the Parmageddon at home and it was quite tasty... our back up is usually a good ol Buffalo Burger!

Melissa said...

Our backup last time was Rocky River Brewing Company. Not the Melt, but still tasty.

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