hold the bat boy, touch the bat boy...

date night with my man saturday night took us to the opening night of bat boy the musical.  it was a christmas present from my in laws: a night out to see one of our favorite plays while they take care of the kiddies.

we haven't seen bat boy since 2003, when it was performed at cain park.  we weren't even living in cleveland back then.  when we found out great lakes theater was putting it on for their spring season, we were pretty excited.  and we were especially excited that corrie was going to stage manage the production again (and aaron was giddy that fabio polanco was coming back to reprise his roles in the play).

we were pretty close to pulling a repeat of 2003 (when we showed up a little late for the show and corrie held the show for us...helps to have connections!), since little agent gibs is still attached to me for bed time.  thankfully, we made it with about 1 minute to spare.

the play was fabulous and full of energy.  i thought everyone (actors and crew) did fantastic.  i loved the new choreography for the dance numbers, and there were plenty of funny moments to make you laugh until you cried (well, i was brought to tears at times).  everything was as good as i remembered 7 years ago, if not better.

the hanna theater is gorgeous!  i especially love the ornate ceilings.  they've also added some fun features to enhance your visit to the theater.  on performance day, you can arrive early to watch cast and crew prepare for the show while enjoying a nice beverage from the bar (inside the theater itself).  and in the lobby, you can purchase little snacks to enjoy during the show.  how cool is that?

after the show, we met up with corrie and walked over to bricco for the after-party.  the place was packed, but it was fun to be able to chat with some of the actors and crew members.  a big thank you goes out to pap for hanging out at the house while we were on our date.

photo source.

 it was without a doubt a fun-filled and enjoyable evening!


Melissa said...

Sounds hilarious! Glad you had an enjoyable date night.

Fabio Polanco said...

It is so funny that I found this. Thanks for the big-ups!


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