late night early start

we took advantage of having good ol' dad home all of saturday by heading out to the rocky river nature center for the north coast nature festival.

there was music and lots and lots of nature-related businesses and art work.

they had a number of kid-friendly activities, and live animal displays.  i think these ones are a new breed of something...i don't know what.

we were directed to one room where they had a screeching owl out for show and tell.  we were ready to say hello when the little guy decides to pull a fast one and drop a surprise.  and boy was it a surprise.  so with the stinky smell seared into our noses, we quickly headed outside to air out and tool around the trails.

later (and i mean later) that evening, aaron a.c. jones and i made our way to the spitfire saloon for the scoliosis jones show.  some family came out to show their support (thanks corrie, lorrie and gram).  and a proud mamaw enjoyed listening to the show via mobile phone (even though it was very late!).  photos were hard to capture with the low light (and my dislike for flash) and stage set up. 

but here's one of the cute, new drummer (post-show)...

it was a fun night, and i enjoyed watching the show.  you can see more great shots of the show on 52 weeks of cleveland's facebook fan page.  we are so thankful for the opportunity to connect wiht more people in the community!

after a late night, we woke up sunday ready to take on our 4 mile march of dimes walk in downtown cleveland.

now i'm ready for a long nap.  emma and gibson, you'll have to put yourselves to bed.


Jac @ Wuzzle Makes Three said...

That looks like so much fun!! I love the "new breed" you discovered :)

And now? You've worn me out, so I think I'll take a nap too! LOL!

Melissa said...

Sounds like a crazy busy weekend! We'd love to come see Aaron play sometime. Maybe once we get the little one's digestive/teething issues under control and she starts sleeping better again (heck- at all!).

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